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Executive Talk Program 2017: Combating Wildlife and Forestry Crime

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Department of Wildlife and National Parks (PERHILITAN) Peninsular Malaysia together with Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia, supported by UNDP/GEF-GOM Project: Improving Connectivity in the Central Forest Spine Landscape organized The Executive Talk: Combating Wildlife and Forestry Crime on 2nd November 2017 at Bangi-Putrajaya Hotel, Bangi, Selangor.

The invited speakers were Ms. Fazilah Binti Mansor, Director of Laws and Prosecution Divison together with Mr. Michael B. Maijohn, Assistant Director (Legal), JPSM shared about Introduction to National Forestry Act 1984 [Act 313] Experiences and Lesson Learnt from Previous Crime Cases followed by Mr.Salman bin Hj. Saaban, Director of Enforcement Division, PERHILITAN with his presentation entitled Wildlife Crime in Peninsular Malaysia – Status and Challenges. The third speaker, Mr. Abd. Ramlizauyahhudin bin Mahli, Head of Section (Enforcement), JPSM shared about Forestry Crimes and Its Challenges in Peninsular Malaysia while the last speaker of the session was Dr Satyendra Singh, Director of Kaziranga National Park, India shared about Wildlife Crime: Challenges to Wildlife Conservation with Special Emphasis to Kaziranga National Park. The second session of the program began with Mr. George Phocas, Office of Law Enforcement, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service – South East Asia, Thailand with his presentation entitled Wildlife Trafficking and the final speaker was Mr. Peter Maurice Lidadun, Forestry Officer (Enforcement division), Sabah Forestry Department who shared about Forest Law Enforcement in Sabah.

The main objective for this event is to increase awareness of legal practitioners, enforcement agencies, non-governmental agencies and other institutes on the consequences of wildlife and forestry crime which is forcing endangered species to the brink of extinction. Approximately 180 participants attended this event comprising representatives from other enforcement agencies, the Malaysian Judiciary, local NGOs as well as local universities. The event was officiated by Mr. Hasnan bin Yusop, Deputy Director General II of PERHILITAN while the closing ceremony was graced by Senior Director of Forest Management JPSM, Dato’ Mohd Ridza bin Awang.

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